Aguppywear HorseShoe Nail Crosses

A Witnessing Tool for Christ!

Original 4 HorseShoe Nail Cross Designs

Attention buyers -

Since we have to cancel our cell phone service if you need to get in touch with me please contact me through our home number at 1 618 943-4801. My wife, Janise is usually at home so can take a message.
Thanks again,

Please email me direct at to get a quick answer on you specific needs.

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Handmade Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklaces are only $6.00 each plus shipping.

Crosses are available in a multitude of colors and come on a 28" soft black cord!




To order a large two inch horse shoe nail cross from Aguppywear please use the following Paypal shopping cart.
If you are ordering a multicolored wire cross please indicate if you want the two colors striped or separate with what color on arms and on body.


Traditional two inch crosses with color on silver plated wire.
Large Cross color on silver plated wire on
Large Crosses color on silver plated wire
Metal wire crosses
I Gladly Accept Credit and Bank Cards through PayPal

Mark Chamness - Owner/Designer
1600 15th Street
Lawrenceville, IL 62439
1 618 943-4801

email -



Take a visual journey through the History of Aguppywear and see the evolution of the product line.

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Aguppywear Horseshoe Nail Crosses are all made by hand in Lawrenceville, IL USA

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